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What happens after I express

an interest in one of your

Shared Ownership properties

or developments? >

Is there a waiting list for

Shared Ownership

properties? >

How long does the process

take from expressing interest

to getting the keys? >

What happens on the day I

complete on the purchase? >

What sort of properties am I

allowed to apply for? >

If I am too old to get a

mortgage can I still apply for

Shared Ownership >

Housing Association


If you're interested in a Shared Ownership property advertised

on our website, you'll need to make sure you have applied

and been approved by Help to Buy East and South East. So

approved, you may be wondering what happens next?

We spoke to Sales & Lettings Officer Claire Smith at

bpha Housing Association to find out more about what

happens after a customer expresses interest in a bpha

'options to buy' Shared Ownership property.

Please note that processes can vary between providers

and this information relates specifically to bpha 'options

to buy'. For more information, visit their website


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