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The old saying 'new home, new baby'

certainly came true for first-time

buyers Blake and Sandy Van Eeden,

because just a week after celebrating

the birth of their first child Millie, the

couple collected the keys to their new

Bovis Home in Cambridgeshire - a

move that was made possible thanks

to the Government-backed Help to

Buy scheme.

Terry Ormiston, 35, was seventeen

years in to twenty-two years' service

with the Royal Marines, when he

began to feel the pressure to find

his way on to the housing ladder.

He soon discovered that with the

assistance of the Forces Help to Buy

scheme and the government Help to

Buy scheme, owning his own home

was a within reach.

"It gives you breathing

space, for at least five


"The scheme worked

really well for us and our


Blake & Sandy

Mortgage Guarantee

Read the full case study >

Read the full case study >

Case studies

Terry Ormiston

Forces Help to Buy

Thought home ownership

was out of your reach?

Think again…


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