Luke Doonan 7

At home with

Laura Hamilton

Laura Hamilton is superbusy,

but seems to thrive

on juggling her frantic

lifestyle, rushing around

the world for A Place

in the Sun or travelling

the UK filming Cowboy

Builders and Bodge Jobs.

Laura recently became a new

mum to her gorgeous little girl,

a new sister for her 18-month-old

son, Rocco. Never one to shy away

from a challenge four weeks after

giving birth to her first child, Laura

hit the slopes and took part in

Channel 4's show, The Jump. She

is a big fan of winter sports, and

in 2011, after being taught to ice

skate by Torvill and Dean, she was

crowned runner-up of what was

one of ITV's most popular shows,

Dancing on Ice. Known as a bit

of an adrenalin junkie, she is the

perfect presenter for Fort Boyard,

a show she has fronted for ITV for

the past four years.

Laura is pretty special and at just

33 she has packed so much into

her life. She is a real property

expert, as she bought her first

house when she was only 19, and

has bought and sold many places

ever since. Her career has seen her

working both behind and in front

of the cameras and she has set

herself some gruelling challenges.

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Laura Hamilton

presents "A Place

in the Sun: Home or

Away" on Sunday

afternoons on Channel

4 and Monday night

on More4. She also

presents "Cowboy

Builders" and "Bodge

Jobs" every morning

on Channel 5.


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