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Ben Hillman has had an

amazingly interesting

life and is now the latest

presenter on A Place

in the Sun for Channel

4. As well as running

his interior design

business he has recently

completed his self-build

project in Brighton.


en is a hands-on sort of guy.

His enthusiasm and passion

for everything he does is infectious

and he embraces life at full speed,

which is very refreshing. He grew

up in the 80's and his father had

a small building and property

maintenance business in Brighton.

He says, "We worked out of a

terraced house and the office was

in the basement with a separate

entrance. The guys turned up there to find out what their various jobs

for the day were and I remember

always having a chat with them.

So, I think that without me knowing

it there was a seed planted in my

mind that I would eventually go

into property. Times were different

then and it was the days when

Margaret Thatcher was Prime

Minister. My parents bought and

renovated a terraced house, which

had originally been a shop in the

North Laines. My mum used to

take me there after school and I

remember when there was no roof

on the building and standing in

the basement and seeing the sky

which was very exciting.

When I was older I used to go

out with my dad when he was

working to earn a bit of extra

money and I loved it.

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Ben Hillman

presents A

Place in the

Sun - Winter

Sun, which is

on weekday

afternoons on

Channel 4 and

Monday nights

at 9pm on

More 4.


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