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Lorraine Kelly OBE is one

of Britain's most popular

TV presenters. Her show,

Lorraine, is on ITV every day

from 8.30 where she interviews

celebrities for all the latest

showbiz news and style.


he has recently launched her debut

homeware collection for JD Williams

and she takes time out of her very busy

schedule to talk about her new venture and

her first property experience.

The first property that I bought was in the

city centre of Glasgow when I was about

20. I was going into town on the bus when

I saw a sign that said they were building

new flats for £20,000. At the time, that was

a huge amount of money; in fact it was so

much money I had to subsidise my first job

at the BBC, with working as a waitress at

night to raise the money for a deposit. It

was a one-bedroom flat and it was a rabbit

hutch! It was so tiny, but it was mine!

My dad bought me a television, I bought my

first sofa from something called 'Saturday

Snips' in the Glasgow Evening Times

newspaper - it was £10 for an old battered

leather sofa, I loved it! I had my first house

party once I could afford to buy some

curtains! They were great times and really I

didn't need very much at all.

I was out and about all the time because it

was right in the city centre. It was equivalent

of having a flat right in the middle of

Piccadilly Circus so it was brilliant. I stayed

there for about three years before moving to

London to rent.

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