Celeb 2

No Place

Like Home

Luke Doonan bought his

first apartment when he was

just 18 and now owns his

own property investment

company. He's packed more

into his 43 years than most

people do in a lifetime.


is energy, enthusiasm and

positive outlook are infectious

and his story is pretty amazing

too. Luke was brought up in east

Finchley in a council flat and had a

pretty ordinary childhood. What was

different though was that from the

age of 10 Luke longed to buy his own

property. "I started doing car washing

when I was very young so that I could

save up and buy a property. I was very

determined even when I was just a

young boy to own my own home. I left

school at 16 and worked for a family

friend in his reproduction furniture

company - in fact I worked seven

days a week just so I could save.

I sold furniture from Monday to Friday

and at weekends I was the van boy!

But, I didn't mind as I was so driven.

I lived in rented rooms in flats where

the conditions were really grim and

the desire to own my own place was

overwhelming. I just wanted to paint

my own walls and shut the door and

get my own space."

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Luke recently made a

series called Council

House Crackdown for

BBC1, which is a subject

very close to his heart.

He often works on TV

shows like The Wright

Stuff, BBC London

News and is a regular

presenter for A Place in

the Sun: Home or Away


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